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Mar 24, 2002
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How about a context sensitive glossary, which underlines words (like arb, and carb, etc...) with some help text like a description or the unabbreviated meaning (so for arb - Anti Roll Bar - Suspention Component) when you hover your mouse over it.
Sounds good to me, although maybe there could be an option in User CP to turn it off, as I could see it pissing some people off

This idea gets "Two thumbs up" from me (y) (y)
hey Im new to this. I like the idea too. i can see why some people might get annoyed with it tho.
Installed - but I don't know what words you want done... post ideas below, currently just FIAT done :D - and before people complain it looks dodgy, I know - I've already requested a feature where the box is only as wide as the text - so expect that soon.

(You can do just words to popup words, or words which popup to a link - so a link to Wiki or something...)

Oh and to disable it, go into the control panel > options (it's at the bottom)
Yeah, I've added one or two since (such as ePER ;)). I'll then create a "Glossary Page" which basically just lists all of them alphabetically....

So come on people, get those words rolling in :)
JTD - Jetronic Turbo Diesel?
MAF - Mass Air Flow?
ECU - Electronic Control /unit?
HG - Head Gasket
ARB - Anti-roll bar
CC - Cubic Centemeters
I don't know if it may even be a good idea to enter stuff like cam and sump, a cam being an offcentered doo-dar and a sump being that thing where all the oil lives :)

Oh another acronym - ECU - Electronic Control Unit (NOT ENGINE control unit) - EDIT <- that looks like I may have been having a dig at helcat, who also put the same thing, and was also correct
Hmm... Wiki disagrees with you on the ECU front there... whilst there are a number of Electronic CU's in the car, it refers to the main one we all know as the Engine Control Unit....
Ok added those (what I could find) - do you think it's worth putting in descriptive text, or just filling in the acronyms and linking to Wiki?