Technical fiat marea 2.4 brakes

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Technical fiat marea 2.4 brakes


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Jan 7, 2006
hi ,got a marea 2.4 diesel with only 28000 miles .first problen the rear caliper seized up had to have it changed £160, second clutch fails had to have a new slave cylinder £120. the garage said that the front passenger brake is not working that the abs is not allowing any fluid to get to the caliper,in fact the car is only braking on three discs,to fix it been quoted £700 for a recon unit any idea if this could be the true problem ,is this a fair price.I thought if the abs is not working the cars normal brakes should work the abs light goes out normaly and has never came on while driving the car,also the brake peddle is very hard to push down.thanks
If you dont mind getting down and dirty would anyone reccomend trying to bleed the brake circuits?

I'd be tempted to check the model number for the ABS unit and source one from a scrap yard.

P.S. Is yours the JTD or the TD?
hi the garage said the brakes have been bled , the car is a td not jtd thanks
I guess the best advice I can give is to get a 2nd opinion. Unless you trust the garage they may be taking you for a ride.