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Aug 27, 2006
The Weekend failed its MoT terminally today. It has run 220k miles did one year as a Sixt daily hire car and then 22 here with us. It never let us down and was in many ways the perfect daily workhorse. Its exploits carrying rabbits and hutches, aviaries, furniture bits of MGs all the stuff needed to support an MGCC event and trips home to Scotland , felled trees and however much shopping we bought at the supermarket will never be forgotten. I was expecting some problems, but not the disaster they found, it was still driving fine.
If its any use e.g as a spares car just ask.
We have owned it since 2001. It was a Sixt daily hire car for its first year. It is still very presentable inside and out. We are devastated, it failed with a lot of welding needed, emissions fail and the drivers door lock jammed shut. It didn't survive the freeze, the motor burned out. There was a second hand one in the boot which might have fitted and might have worked. It was using a bit of oil recently which made me think the emissions might be a killer.
Lots of people who have also got memories of it are really sorry as well. I think it's upsetting when the numbers finally overwhelm a plucky fighter
Sorry to see its come to the end of the road with you


Might have an idea for it

If you want it say now, I am about to scrap it :-(.. I SORNd it today after talking to the garage and the MoT has expired. It failed on emissions, CO high Drivers door jammed (new lock in boot) and tinworm , 8 places inner and outer sills . I took those pics this morning,. Its on 4 newish Goodyears new battery Exide I think last year and remanufactired ABS control unit and pump last year. It is in High Wycombe.
It is a 1.8 ELX.


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