Technical Marea Fan switch question

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Technical Marea Fan switch question


Feb 28, 2020
United Kingdom
Hi All,

I have a 2001 20v Marea ELX which has a problem (yes only one!)

The interior fan seems to go on and off with bumps in the road, It's hard to find a pattern but
it seems that (when it comes on) if it's on auto then I turn it to off and it goes off, if it's on off then I turn it to auto to make it go off.
Sometimes it seems to come on high and sometimes low. I need to spend some time getting a correct pattern, just not done that yet.

It sounds like a dodgy connection but I'm unsure where to start. There seems to be two torque screws under the fan
switches section but I daren't hope it's that easy. I expect to have to take the engine out... ;-)

Any similar experiences or tips much appreciated.

Quick update.
The fan seems to work correctly on 1,2,3. (4 seems the same as 3),
Off is either off or high depending on bumps in the road.
Any clues there?
Doesn't sound like a resistor going since it's bump related, but what do I know...
Yes, mine did that. The cars have climate control and ours would randomly decide that you wanted to be roasted or frozen and sometimes the fan would do a little speed dance. I did not fancy getting into the control unit and finding and fixing the dry joint so just used it on manual fan and occasionally putting it onto max heat when it had a hissy fit. Modern cars have even more of these disasters waiting to happen built in.