Technical Faulty connect nav - wont read discs

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Technical Faulty connect nav - wont read discs


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Feb 23, 2006
I have a Stilo Multiwagon with a Connect Nav (version 7.1). I am having problems with the unit not reading the map disc. Whenever I insert the CD it eventually comes up with "CD ERROR". I have tried using my original Navtec map CD and it still comes up with the same message. It also will not read any MP3 discs that I have been using in the car.

Has anyone had issues like these and how have they overcome them.

The car is well out of warranty. I went to the dealer today who had never come accross this problem. He suggested that it could be exchanged for a working unit but this work be very expensive.

Could a software re-install solve this issue?
Its a Connect Nav with 7.1 software version, not a colour Connect Nav +.

The normal CD works fine.
My dealer in Greece, has a Connect NAV (non colour screen), brand new in the box and he is selling it for 800€. He has this product because of a mistaken order. If you cannot find any solution and you are going to buy one, I think the price is very good.

(Just to confirm that we are speaking for the same model, the model at my dealer's is the one with non-colour screen, with navigation system, with intergrated mobile phone, voice commands etc... I will have a photo soon).
Would re-installing or upgrading the Connect Nav firmware help? If so where can I get hold of a copy?
That is the model available for sale for 800€. Part number 71723830. Brand new, directly from the dealer...

I have just got rid of a Focus ST170 (company car) bought myself an 51 reg Stilo Abarth.

Very impressed with the car, and all the gadgets(y) , but the dealer told me that the Sat Nav part of the Connect Nav+ wasn't working (n) - Subaru dealer , as it was a part ex. It cannot bring up maps, directions or even or locate satellites. Phone works & CD player works fine with audio CDs but does not recognise the map disks or setup disks.

I have tried installing the firmware version 9.8 (from posts on the site) but it wont read that disk either, displaying No CD-DA. Read in the manual using some MP3 discs mess with the system, I am guessing this might be what has happened. Anyone know how to sort?

Can anyone help or am I going to have to take it down to my local dealer and fork out ££££?:cry: Any friendly ones in West Yorks if I have to?
Hi Nick
I've got a BRAND NEW Connect Nav + Still Boxed with Codes & telephone Card its the BLACK trim type as fitted to Dynamics it works perfectly. I'm in Leeds too :) & wanting to sell it
Radicool has the silver / grey one for sale, looks mint, for £400 plus P&P; it'll match the colours in yours Nick, and it'll be far cheaper than a dealer can do it for!! Problem is though is that he's selling the bracket & microphone with it; he may be able to do just the unit cheaper, give him a PM.

I'm a french stilo's owner end if you want to sell your faulty connect...I think i could find some buyer on the french forum (y)

It could help you to buy another 'working' connect :cool:
Nick, did you definitely burn the CD correctly? It has to be closed properly and burned on Joilet 96 mode . . .

Also, try using another blank CD; my laptop CD drive was very picky about which CD-R's it would read (lol, so the coffee spill on it served it right :D), for example it wouldn't recognise Tesco discs. Try a decent brand like Verbatim or Memorex . . .
Ouccchh £400 and I guess I'd have to find someone to fit it and fork out for them too. I'll have a go of that PMing and see how I get on. Was hoping there'd be a magic solution that I could do myself! Thanks for all you posts - I'll let you know how I get on