Technical Stilo wont start - Fuse Blown

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Technical Stilo wont start - Fuse Blown


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Sep 17, 2018
Hi All, I have a non-starting Fiat Stilo 1.4 that I hope you can help diagnose.
This initial issue problem was that the engine would turn but not start. The padlock sign came on the dash with " check protection system" or words to that effect shown on the display.
I gave it to a guy that knows a bit about cars and he found that a fuse had gone under the bonnet - F18. He replaced F18 with a higher fuse rating fuse ( I know....) to see if the issue would be fixed. And surprise surprise the fuse box got hot with a burning smell coming from underneath, so along with the original fault I also need a new fuse box....
The positive in this is that it is now obvious where the short is coming from as the connector pin is burned/melted.
Does anyone know what is connected to this pin on the fuse box? I think it is pin 3?

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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No idea from which year is your Stilo, but have you tried eLearn from the download section here? There are electrical diagrams in there :)
Thanks, that was a big help. The schematics showed that the burnt pin didn't connect to anything in the car... I replaced the fuse box and all is now OK. Must have been an internal short inside the fuse box...