General Eleganza remote boot button - what's it meant to do

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General Eleganza remote boot button - what's it meant to do


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Jan 25, 2006

Have had an Eleganza Dualogic for a month or so now, and has been great so far... there's just one small thing that doesn't seem to work: the boot button on the remote key fob. I'm guessing it's supposed to release the boot when the car is locked, but mine does nothing. The LED on the remote lights up, but the car does nothing. The remote works fine for locking and unlocking the car.

Presumably I've got a dodgy connection between the computer and the boot lock - I really just wanted to find out what the button is actually meant to do (the manual isn't that clear).
Press and hold for 1 second. Then it'll release (unlatch). Sadly it doesn't open and close, like the BMW 7-series!
Thanks - I may not have ever bothered holding the button down for 1 second, so will give that a go later. I know the manual says something about holding down for 1 second for locking the car, but that seems to work with just a brief press of the button.
I noticed that too! There are some things in the manual that either aren't well desctibed, or give you the impression that it was translated from Italian and never checked by an english speaker.
I love the garbled English of the Panda manual, keeps me laughing.
Better than the manual my daughter was given with her used Cinque, all in Italian, good job I've had some Italian lessons.
Thanks for the plain english instruction on how to use the boot lock.
I took mine back for the dealer to look at. When I got it back I thought it still didn't work. Tried it last night. Works a treat. Now all I need to do is work out why I would ever need to get into the boot and not the rest of the car
Thanks again
I use the boot release for when I'm packing my shopping. Don't like to leave the car fully open in case some scrote gets any ideas...