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Oct 13, 2006
Livingston, Scotland
The heated electric mirror on the drivers side on my car, 1.6 Dynamic, isn't working. I have checked the Guide and Search to see if anyone has discussed this problem before but cannot find anything. Does anyone know if there is a common fault / easy fix for the heater? Even a wiring diagram would be a great help to trace the circuit back. Really need this ASAP as temperature in central Scotland the last few mornings and nights has been around freezing.
It could be the glass itself. They can go pop sometimes. Or it could be one of the connectors on the back of the glass got a little furred up. If they are anything like Vauxhall ones, they should just pull out and you will see to contacts on the back of the lense.
With the heated rear window on the mirrors should heat up also - check the passengers to see if working. If you can remove the mirror glass and with a test light see if there is a positive and a good earth. It is more than likely that the glass heating element is at fault.
i noticed that there wer wires when i was colour coding the wing mirrors but due to lack of a manual i dont know how to heat them, any one shed some light? lol
Thanks all who have made an input to this thread. I have checked the Owners Handbook, and although it shows most main fuses, it does not mention a fuse for electric mirrors. I was hoping that Deckchair would have been along by now and maybe offer some advice as he seems pretty well clued up on Stilo electrics. To re-cap, both electric mirrors are operational, the passenger side mirror's heater is working as is the rear heated window, the only thing not working is the drivers side mirror heater.
I think this may be quite common as i have the exact same problem! Drivers door mirror doesnt heat up. My car is an 05 plate too. Surely they can't go wrong that quickly???