Technical How to Open a Stilo boot when the electric switch is broken?

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Technical How to Open a Stilo boot when the electric switch is broken?

Aug 2, 2004
Northern Ireland
Bit of a quandary on this. Checked fuse, computer etc but it looks like the electric switch has stopped working. The car has been sitting for over 3 years so it could be bad earth or the switch has just gave up. To help matters the key barrel has rusted solid (I have it dowsed in WD) but so far no movement at all, so is there any other way to get the tailgate open so I take the panel off to fix everything or is it a case of climbing in through the back seat and trying take the panel off that way to get at the bits? :bang:
From memory, there is a little lever on the lock itself, which if you press it will open the lock. You'll have to access it from inside the car. I think it's on the right hand side of the lock, so your left, once you have crawled into the boot.

Ralf S.
Well I got the boot open. Only way I could was to get into the boot from the rear seat and pull the boot trim panel off. Once done I was able to open the boot using the pull bar Ralf mentioned. I then took out the boot lock which was seized solid as you can see.
I ended up taking as much of it apart as I dared and finally got all the pins to move correctly after a lot of WD and compressed air so at least I can now open the boot with the key.


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If it's been sitting for 3 years and all you have wrong is the Boot Lock seized, you need to think yourself very lucky (y)
Mine is the same..feels like someone has jammed something into the lock.. although the car has had a few knocks during its life. I wouldn't rule out that the boot-lid is from another car and it still has the other car's lock on it.

Ralf S.