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Technical Egr Refurbishment


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May 24, 2006

I am after an EGR valve for my Multipla and have heard that you can get refurbished units, does anyone know if you can do this yourself?


Hi. Well I was new when I joined but had Multipa now for two years!!

Shop4parts website sells a egr for mulipla at around £40 plus VAT and Del.
Eurocarparts are also excellent for those non-exclusive bits.

Interested to know what problems you were experiencing as Fiat Repairer has just disconnected mine due to engine cutting out intermittently.

I hope this helps.
That is a good price as Fiat want £98+vat for a new egr, I have a problem with the engine losing power intermittently and is okay when you I change down a gear. From reading this forum it looks like the egr valve is the problem but will try to bypass to see if it still happens!!


Try un-plugging it, if the PCM is not able to control it, it sholud stay shut. If its stuck open you should not see much difference in the simtoms. It will set a code in the PCM as the EGR valve is an emmisions tool.
can i disconnect the pipe connected to the egr valve and will this in thoery bypass the egr and tell me that its the valve thats the problem.

will this work?

Normally it is necessary to blank the entry/exit from the valve as you dont want hot exaust gas floating around under the bonnet.

If you blank the entry to the valve you elimiate the possiblity of exh. gas leaking passed it if the valve is stuck open.

Is it vacuum operated or electrical? sorry I dont know as not see one. If elec. then un-plug the connector and it should stay closed (normally the default position). If its vac operated that the same applies, disconnect it (blanke the vac pipe) and it should stay closed.
I had my EGR replaced a few years ago.

Symptoms were loss of power - often gradual when you were on the move and sometimes when pulling out of junctions, this made life fun.

The AA guy who came out to check mine (Fiat cover) told me when the fault occurred to take it out of gear and floor the throttle, this temporarily clears it and is also a good indicator that the problem is the egr.

Since replacement about three years ago it's been fine (probably just cursed myself!)
The same things happening to mine, I have it booked for the garage next week and hopefully this sorts the problem!