Technical Rear subframe refurbishment

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Technical Rear subframe refurbishment


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Jul 2, 2016
One of my Multi’s failed MOT with corrosion in proscribed area (bump stop cone) and worn bearings (wheel lean) so I swapped the entire subframe with one from another. Now it’s off the car I’m thinking about refurbishing it, so wondering what’s involved with a welded repair, has anyone had any success with getting the bump stop cone replaced?
Also what are the current recommendations for the rear mountings, I saw a post suggesting Borg and Beck bsm2029 that look like they’re for a Brava, are these like for like for a Multipla?
Any advice appreciated.
Thanks Jack, would you know what the best rear front mounts code is?
Any thoughts on the welding?
There is no direct replacement for front or rear subframe bushes. The replacement options all require the outer bush diameter reducing slightly before pressing in-I used a belt sander.

Yes others have weld repaired their bump stop mounts. I remember one member used the bottom of an old fire extinguisher as it was close to correct dimensions.

If you want to referb your old subframe go for it .
Best wishes