Dualogic Fluid Change

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Dualogic Fluid Change

Digger Downunder

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Jan 11, 2024
Port Douglas QLD
Hi Everyone to follow up on my last post how to change system fluid in the Dualogic... Procedure can be moderate to difficult depending on Model & year of vehicle...heat shield has to be removed if fitted ... Locate pump & reservoir remove pressure pipe 11mm spanner with a suitable container for fluid to drain...Open drivers door to run pump.Check condition of fluid if dirty brown / black Accumulater has to renewed ( highly recommended ) refill with CS SPEED check leaks... Select gears if all gears select OK & system functions on road test.. the most common problem has been rectified... Next post some other faults to diagnose. Hope these discussions have been helpful. 🦘.
Hi jackwhoo.. glade you enjoyed my series of posts threads yes I will continue if it helps our fellow Fiat Owers to have the right information to save time & money & a lot of frustration 🦘