General Driveshaft gaiter replacement

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General Driveshaft gaiter replacement

Feb 18, 2004
Brigg, North Lincolnshire
I'm going to have to replace the driveshaft gaiters on the 45CL before long. I've had a study of Haynes to see what's what, but is there anything to look out for or that I should be aware of?

It's the 'Inboard' driveshaft gaiters were the shafts go into the gear box.

I've changed the shaft gaiters on the 126 before and you can do those without disconnecting the driveshafts from the wheels. Is it similar with a Panda?

On the 4x4 gearbox the shafts are held in place by 3 bolts on the drivers side & 4 bolts on the passenger side and are very easy to remove BUT the gaiters have a bearing on the shaft which may complicate things. But you go have to remove the shafts to change the gaiter. You also have to remove the inner spider which isn't difficult and you will loose all the gearbox fluid.

The Selecta gearbox has a sealed inner shaft with a UJ on both sides so you could remove the outer UJ & replace both gaiters/boots at the same time and you don't loose any gearbox fluid.

As for a 2wd gearbox ? I haven't done one of those yet so it could be either of the above systems.