General do you wave to other Pandas?

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General do you wave to other Pandas?


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Sep 2, 2007
In the last week I've tried 7 or 8 times, but not a soul has waved back.


I gave up waving a long time ago - only one other Panda driver waved back at me... :(
Maybe stick to appearing to adjust sun visor to avoid embarrassment if no acknowledgement received......particularly if you have a passenger at the time.;)

To-date I've only had longing looks from a Panda Dynamic passenger as it slowly passed me in motorway tailback least I think she was looking at the car.............
As some Panda owners are or seem to be old,They probably can't see you.Alot of panda drivers are of the mature types.Why is this? The 100 being the odd one out.I have yet too see a young person driving a normal panda.

Is it the style of the car that puts young brits off? There must be something? .Is it the same in other european countries?
I wave at every one I see, the only ones that have ever waved back were also driving Sportings.
If someone waved to me, I'd wave back, I was tempted to say hello to another black 100hp owner on the A5 tonight though
I have been acknowledged a few times, namely when i was followed briefly by a grey 100hp. Otherwise I have experienced the same as most, disinterested fiat drivers who obviously are not into cars in any way shape or form or have blinkers on! lol. The best one i have had was a Seicento Sporting driver contort himself out of his window to have a look as i drove past, gave him the thumbs up! Hope he didnt hurt his back, although would have been worth it for a look at my 100hp :D

M100 NSY
Closest i came, was on the day we picked ours up. 57 reg day, and as i was driving around lincoln, went past a brand new 100hp, and both myself and the driver exchanged looks of joy and excitement!
Got flashed by a Grey 100HP today in Pinner,flashed and waved back of course.I get it in my other car as well:D
I was in my 100HP this afternoon driving through Cobham and was flashed & waved at by a standard Panda. Took me a bit by surprise but managed to wave back in time!

Also drove alongside a Blue 100HP on the A3, first time i'd seen that colour in the flesh. Very nice it was too :)
I ust admit I never have. The car being so new, it doesn't have the rarer classic appeal yet that associates with 'owner recognition'
Many people buy them as a car and that's it, but when I had the old series 3 LAnd Rover for instance, it's a vehicle you're buying for what it is and the rest of the owners have done the same generally and will always wave/flash lights etc.
I'm afraid you're wasting your time with modern cars....when it's about 20 years old and you're keeping it on the road as a classic, all the other Panda drivers will wave as they'll be enthusiasts too!:)
Yes I do! But only to the 100HP drivers!!
The 100HP drivers in my area are all driven by blonds with big boobs, so that's why i'm waving:D .

No just kiddin... I wave to every Panda driver if we can make a little eye contact. If I can make it in time..
I've yet to wave at any other Panda owners but i do have a good look at the car.

As soon as i see another 100HP (over a month of ownership and yet to see another one on the road) i'll give them a wave or flash my lights.
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I dont wave or flash and I am not surprised that other Pandas don't flash back.

If I did flash other Pandas I would be flashing every 10 miles or so as we see quite a lot of non 100hp's around... Even then the other Panda would think his/her:

  • Bumber, wheels, doors etc were falling off
  • There was a rozzer with a speed gun ahead
  • The road was closed ahead
  • He/she had their lights on full beam
  • etc etc.
Call me a unsociable boring git but that should be left to the exotic or rare/limited production cars....

It must be 'MEDs grumpy Tuesday' today. I'll stop moaning. :D:D:D

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I've only had my MJ for one month but over Christmas period saw maybe 30 Panda's on my travels, I waved at most and recieved aknowledgment from about 6 or so. Most were Panda Active's and just second car / shopping trolleys, takes something like Sportings or 100hp for people to seem interested in their cars.

I have owned a few 2cv's and every driver waves to one another, probably in sympathy mind you!

My weekend car is an Alfa Romeo 164 24v and if I ever see another I always get flash of headlights, but thats because of rarity I guess.