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Sep 7, 2007
hey guys iam a little confused, i just bought some type VR sports pedal pads and am yet to put them on because of something it says on the back of the box...


does this mean they are not road legal, or is it something they just say....

any help thank ....:confused:
but im sure u can get away with it, how many pc plods are gonna pull you over and look at your pedals:D
pedals are pedals lol there not gonna make your car go any faster nor are they give off any lights so wats the problem just them lol i would

But they do make you stop and go. Kinda important...and if the space is too small and your foot gets caught on the accelerator whilst hitting the brake, then you would be buggered.

And if there isn't enough space between the pedals, it think it will fail the MOT.
thanks guys i think i will risk it and put them on.. there is 50mm gap so it shouldn't fail MOT, and they do have grips so there really should be no difference when using them.. it is just what it says on the box that has made me a little uneasy..... :eek:
Make sure you tell your insurance company, they probably wont charge you anymore but a couple of years back they refused to pay out my sisters friend because he had put some aftermarket pedals on.

why do i have to tell my insurance company? :confused:

do i have to tell them about all the mods i make.. :bang:
Yep...if you want them to pay out if the worse happens...they may not charge you any extra.

For me my halo's didnt cost anything...lowering and alloys did.


so this means everytime i mod, i have to tell them....grrr:bang: *sulks*

anyway it doesn't matter it's not like i have a lot of middin to do...;)

they probably wont even charge you any extra, least you'll have piece of mind that you've declared everything.

:D lol... true..

what happens if they ask what make it is, because as stated before ^^^^
i dont know if these are road legal....:confused:
over here at least, the clip on ones are illegal, (the ones with the bedy metal things on them.), you can get some that you need to drill holes in your original pedals and them ones arnt illegal, the reason it becasue of the bendy metal bits catching peoples feet under the pedal and if you need to press the pedal in a hurry, then you get them stuck in your laces., this happened to me but i didnt crash,lol
Also your brake pedal has to have rubber on it to grip on your foot,.,