Technical Cinquecento 1.1 Sporting Driveshaft Retaining Clip

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Technical Cinquecento 1.1 Sporting Driveshaft Retaining Clip


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Oct 15, 2022
South Wales
Hello all,

So the garage that fixed my blown cylinder head noticed a leak on one of the driveshafts.
On inspection the inner shaft is sliding in and out of the gearbox.
Fitting a new differential seal is needed and they are available.
What I can't source (and neither can the garage) is a replacement retaining clip for the inner shaft.
The garage says it was probably lost or not present in a previous repair.
Does anyone know what size this clip is, or where to get one?
A tech drawing or part number might help, apparently Fiat don't sell them anymore.
I don't really want to buy a new shaft just because the clip is missing on this one.
Any ideas?

Worth asking @jiminwatford

Maybe call Shop4parts.. as they are Aftermarket FIAT specialists.

If you give us a clue of which part via ePER we can probably help further

Thanks for your help.
I'm guessing it must be this one, 11066676 - LOCKRING, also @jiminwatford

Not sure how you saved that link..

But a search of the part number found an 18mm circlip... ( available anywhere..)

Looks like you are making progress :cool:
I see what you mean. Looks like that ring holds the spider in place.
I must admit I'm not sure, would that cause the inner shaft to float in and out?
When I've worked on other cars the shaft retaining ring is circular in profile.
This shaft then just pushes into the gearbox, it can be pulled out easy enough because they can collapse inwards.
Maybe if I visit the local Fiat dealer they could give me a part number?

Thanks for your help, perhaps the local car mechanic has it wrong?
The parts diagrams are what the FIAT dealer will use :)

Visit the Mechanic again..
Show him the parts diagram

Then the Mechanic can I.D. the part that is missing :cool:

With that number you can then google search for prices..

But Jiminwatford may well have whole assemblies.. I bought a gearbox and driveshaft for my sporting @12 years ago
:) Charlie - Abertillery