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General Cinqs in Motorsport

Feb 5, 2006
West Yorkshire
Hi all,

I'm about to start building a lightweight Cinq Sporting for hillclimbs/sprints, and I'd be grateful for anyone out there who has used a cinq in any form of motorsport to tell me about their experiences, lessons learned etc (y)

Cheers, John
did a season of sprints and hillclimbs then switched to trackdays as the 1108, non lowered car on 175/60-13s was uncompetitive. the MSA regs mean that the car is too modified now to compete in anything so i do trackdays and rwyb drag racing.

might look at club level tarmac rallying.

good luck keep us posted!
You can also trying endurance rallying, i used my 999cc Uno on last years Lombard and came 50th O/A (130 starters) and 6th in class.

Or you could try oad rallying, chapest form of rallying for more info try these links :-

For road rallying and stage rallying

For endurance rallying

I will be off stage rallying this year as well, as foing road rally events, autotests, plus the occasional PCT and/or sprint.