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General Cinq ignition barrell


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Mar 30, 2006
Hi guys,

Need a bit of advise, my girlfriends cento has been broken into and they've tried to hotwire it. She doesn't want to claim on the insurance for no-claims reasons as the car isn't worth that much.

Problem is it can't be moved until the ignition is fixed, Is it fairly easy to reconnect the 3 wires they have pulled out of the ignition?

If we can get it started we can do something with it, at the moment its just sat there in a secure car park. :(

What would you guys reccommend, if the ignition is completely dead then i guess we need a mobile mechanic

Thanks for any suggestions
welcome the forum, sorry to hear about the damage to the car :(

it depends what damage the little scrotes did, the wires just clip into the back of the barrell. If they only unclipped them, they should just clip back in. Idiots don't seem to know these cars have pretty damn good immobilisers on them!!