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Technical Break Down


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Feb 7, 2006
I have a rather large problem i thort id inform you off

The car was juddering for about 3 miles and then i stopped at some lights looked out of my rear view and then there was a ****load of smoke comeing out of the back of my car. Tried to pull over to check it out and the engine cut out. Wouldnt start.

Apparently its something to do with the head gasket and the radiator leaking. Its gonna cost me £250 plus to get it fixed

I have no money at all and a lot of stuff to pay for! As you can prolly guess i am in a very bad mood at teh mo haha
All in all including the call out charge from the RAC it cost me £430 to get it fixed :bang:
PuntoKing said:
wish i had been told that earlier

I think there are plenty posts about this
When you look at the gap between cylinder bores it's quite impressive that the gasket lasts as long as it does they are very close together. Problem is the quality of replacement gaskets can vary, go for the best - Spesso for instance bit more expensive but should last well especially the Kevlar reinforced one. The cylinder head bolts are 'stretch bolts' & should be replaced with the gasket.