Technical Boot Light not working...

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Technical Boot Light not working...

Dec 25, 2005
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Noticed last night that my boot light is no longer working. So thought I would change the bulb. Bulb looks ok and checked feed (red wire) with a test lamp, its ok (not a fuse then either). Then connected test lamp across bulb holder and it would appear that the white wire is no longer earthing. (n)

Anybody know where the white wire goes? Assume to earth via some sort of switch, but I cant see a pin switch or antthing similar on the tailgate or its surround :confused:
Have a search back there was a thread about the same problem with I think Active Matt :)
I had the same problem. Replaced the lock mechanism via warranty fixed the issue
Had same problem with mine, boot latch had to be changed.....would be worth taking it out and having a look if your out of warranty, had to have passenger front door latch replaced as well for intermittent interior light! fortunately under warranty at time butdid take them several attemts:mad:
The boot light is a bit more sophisticated than we're used to. On older cars then there's power constantly supplied to the boot light and a proximity switch connects the light to earth- hey- we have light:)

Not so with the Stilo. The boot lock/catch has two proximity switches. When the boot is opened it sends an earth signal to the body computer which tells it to "light the light"- only then is power supplied to the boot light (via a nicely hidden away current limiting diode in the wiring loom)

But there's more! Instead of already having a circuit to earth, the boot light earth wire goes back to the boot catch/lock and is only connected to earth by the second proximity switch located at the same place. Don't you love super safety systems

So if you have have power at the light then one of the proximity swiches is working and telling the body computer to "light the light" - the diode is working as you have power at the light- you have a problem with the bulb/earth wiring back to the catch or the proximity switch at the catch

Now being crafty- you could, I guess, just run your own earth from the boot light earth to anywhere safe to earth and the light should light and only when the boot is opened

Test it out first. Take out the parcel shelf and pull out the boot light bulb. Check voltage to earth on each contact Got 12v on one contact? OK From inside the car with boot shut check for power again at the same contact. No 12v? Ok then all you need do is supply the light assembly with a permanent earth for it to work

Or you could just have the catch and switches changed under warranty;)
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Boot light has pailed into insignificance now... knacker'd exhaust, 48K service looming large, porous alloy wheel and tax out end April means potential expenditure of £700 odd in the next month or so :bang: Did ask me missus if I could have the £600 in cash and go and trade the car in but, apparently after only 10 months & 20K I am not entitled to a new vehicle yet!

Did point out to her that my one mate has a family owned (him and his nephew from new - both former Rover/Land Rover employees) 96P 420TD Rover in VGC with 74K on and my other mate has a 416 with terminal headgasket woes but with good alloys and brand new tyres... could pick up the lot for £700! :idea: Certainly is food for thought that... anybody wanna cheap Stilo?