Technical Key fob not working

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Technical Key fob not working


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Sep 16, 2023
Hi guys, I seemed to have ran into a problem regarding my fiat stilo 1.4,, Yesterday afternoon when i tried to use my key fob to unlock the car, the car did not respond to the command, however the red LED on the fob was flashing and lighting up,, but no response,,

I tried changing the battery in the fob and disconnecting the car battery to reset the ECU but still no luck,,, Is there a certain pattern to resync the fob to the car again?

This was never a problem, it just suddenly started occurring,, the key fob like i said does flash upon pressing it but the car seems to not want to unlock/lock etc. Any ideas?

Thank you Dazzy,,,
Curiouse. My sister's Megane is doing exactly the same thing after being parked up for a while. Everything checks out good, visibly at least... but the keys (both of them, one with a new battery just to be sure) don't "trip" the C/Locking, so the immobiliser isn't cooperating.

I'm still trying to get to the bottom of it.. but not much luck.

Ralf S.
MES has a feature to re-acquire the key fobs. I did it on my Abarth many years ago.
I needed to get the PIN associated with the car but I was able to get that from local FIAT dealer.