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what software do you use on your windows 7 machine to talk to the bluetooth usb dongle, my bluesoleil is expired and wont function, so i cant connect to my ELM327 interface...

Windows 7 Ultimate configures my bluetooth dongle automatically and I use the drivers in the link below so the dongle can communicate with the ELM327 Bluetooth Interface correctly.

This is the little dongle I brought and use, no drivers needed, PnP. Only £1.60 including delivery.
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I have the same dongle, but my set-up i believe is slightly different, im trying to run FES on my car PC, the software it runs is called centrafuse, this also installs bluesoleil as part of it (which is supposed to 3rd party manage bluetooth devices)....

i know there is a MS windows interface for bluetooth lurking somewhere, but i think bluesoleil has "hidden" it.....i can see it in device manager, and the drivers were automatically configured, just cant find the windows interface :( , ive fixed my airbags with the VAG COM and it all works fine, i just want to do a proxi alignment for my new abarth dials and turn on the CC light lol

any way you could put up a screen dump of the windows bluetooth interface so that i know what im looking for ? (last time i used windows bluetooth interface was in XP)
Is this what you after?


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its a tad difficult to explain what im after because my system is completley different wrt bluetooth because the front end software (centrafuse) installs its own version of the very popular bluesoleil bluetooth stack which effectively removes any windwos interface...

let me try again, how do you control the usb bluetooth dongle in your windows PC, ie get it to scan and find the ELM327? by what im seeing, im lead to belive you just click "add a device" in the screen dump youve put up, and itd search for any devices and the rest is easy, yes? (sorry if this sounds a bit strange, but the system im trying to integrate this into is very very different to the norm, lots of 3rd party aps that "take control" of there respective 3rd party devices, makes doing most things a PITA)
I have found previously that Bluesoleil is actually quite device-limiting. Best thing is to remove completely! In essence, I would uninstall the application, via add/remove programs (control panel) and then re-install driver-only software for your dongle. I would assume running XP+ that Windows will find and install the appropriate driver for you, allowing you to utilise the in-built Bluetooth management that Windows has.

If you have problems, let me know and I'll find some more specific information.
Generally manufacturers will have a bundled toolset they 'recommend' with devices...but to be honest if you're referring to the 'stack' in the correct context, the drivers supplied with the Windows OS and BlueSoleil will ultimately be the same - a series of application hooks (DLLs) that integrate into the Windows environment...

Edit: Oh and if there's some sort of registration key you need for BlueSoleil, pm me the version details and I'll see what I can find. Obv. I don't condone piracy (for the purposes of this forum, ha) but for debugging purposes it is worth a try. Any old versions of BlueSoleil I have don't timeout after a trial. Maybe I can find a copy of what I have and send you that...let me know!
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yes the drivers are essentially the same, BUT centrafuse (the program EVERYTHING runs on) requires bluesoleil to run bluetooth. The way centrafuse works is it amalgamates lots of bits of software into one front end. in older versions this was flexible and you could choose what software to some extent, but it caused serious crashing issues and was a compatibility nightmare, so they standardised the bottom line is i can use bluetooth in the widows environment just fine, but to use it in CF i NEED bluesoleil (belive me i have no desire to run it!), and you cant just "turn off" bluesoleil (even if its service is stopped) it has made the windows bluetooth interface disappear....

@shadey, yeah im gonna do that tonight, and just use bluetooth in windows not CF so i can get FES running until i can sort the bridge with CF...
Perhaps its worth using virtualisation then and installing a virtual machine with the basic windows stack on it for FES purposes...then you can use CF and BlueSoleil for everything else? If you're fairly IT-savvy its straightforward enough....
Lol - I think I misunderstood a little :eek: what version of bluesoleil is it? maybe try an earlier version (after removing the scraps of the messed up copy yo have)? or should i just be quiet :(
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lol no need to "be quiet" running version 8.0.330 i think for sure of the CF guys has said that sometimes the BS (bluesoleil) stack that is integrated in CF crashes and becomes a bit crappy, so its worth uninstalling it and installing the latest version from the BS going to try that tonight (didnt get a chance yesterday to remove BS from my PC and try it)
Hopefully it'll just be some sort of incompatibility issue...latest version might help - I assume you wouldn't be the only CF user with this issue.