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Sep 29, 2008
I thought I'd post this incase some of you were interested buying your own.

I recently purchased this OBDII Bluetooth ELM327 interface. £25

And this Bluetooth dongle. £1.60

and using FiatECUScan I'm able to connect(wirelessly) to my 2005 Stilo Multiwagon including CAN(body computer etc.) without adding adapters or making any alterations to the ELM interface.

So for less than £30 I'm able to do everything from clearing engine error codes to proxy-alignment and key coding.
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so do you leave it plugged into the car and connect to it whenever you want? Thought they ignition had to be on?

Ignition does have to be on because the Bluetooth ELM327 interface relies on the car for its power. I'm not sure if leaving it plugged in would be a good idea, although I have left it plugged in all day today with no ill effects. The laptop connects to it even though I'm standing 5m away, quite amusing to see the boot open, sun roof open and close, indicators on and off, high beam on and off at the touch of a button on my laptop.

Just attached a screen shot of the FiatECUScan scan results that shows all the ECU's this setup easily connects to. I'm not interested in the airbag ECU as I dont feel confident messing with them.


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I leave my bluetooth interface connected in the car all the time, it won't do any harm as it's largely taking data out.

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It's great being able to connect your phone to your car and watch engine running data whilst you drive. This is a program called OBD gauge which runs on windows mobile and enables you to see and clear fault codes too. It's saved me much time with quick connections and you just get used to how things should look if it's there, ready to connect, all the time

I have downloaded FES mobile and have it running on my phone now so I will have to try and see if it bluetooth connects
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i can't quite believe these bluetooth interface scanners ELM Ver 1.4 for $9.99 or £5.98

Or for UK Ebay customers £12.98 with free postage

Although customers seem happy with them on feedback, I wonder if they really are ver 1.4. I obtained my original bluetooth interface a few years ago from Hong Kong and that arrived real fast with no problems but it's old now and I need to look for a newer version
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i can't quite believe these bluetooth scanners ELM Ver 1.4 for $9.99 or £5.98

Although customers seem happy with them on feedback

They're probabely the cheap versions that dont connect to CAN correctly. They need extra adapters or solder wires across certain pins to get them to work connect to the body computer, ABS etc..

Better off paying a bit more and getting one that connects to the body computer and ABS etc without extra adapters or altering internal wiring.
This post contains affiliate links which may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
I agree, you don't want to have to go messing about with the internals. But if they ARE ver 1.4 they should fit straight in. My original bluetooth ver 1.2 came from Hong Kong and was around half the price of those offered in UK at the time
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Well I spent most of the morning looking for my old PDA, I eventually found it hiding in the attic.

Its a Dell Axim X51v running Windows Mobile 6.0 so I'm hoping I be able to try out FESMobile on it with the new Bluetooth ELM327 interface I purchased.

Has anyone else tried something similar?

I'm guessing I'll need drivers of some sort so Mobile FES can talk to the Bluetooth ELM327 interface?
Try OBD gauge, it's a free download and I use it all the time on windows mobile. Doubt if it will connect to Fiat OBD ie diesels earlier than 2004 but it's great on OBD2

Not sure wether the FES mobile download is a real working one or just a demo taster that doesn't actually connect.
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I released a demo of the Windows Mobile application - FESmobile.
It works with bluetooth ELM 327 or OBDKey interfaces.
Tested on Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5.
Tested devices: Samsung Omnia, Asus P320

The demo is fully functional with limited list of control modules.

Please report your devices and problems in this section.

So far the application doesn't look well on VGA devices. I will release an update with VGA support soon.


On the FiatECUScan forum Yani states the demo works with Bluetooth ELM327 and is fully functional. :confused:
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Thanks for that. I can't get it to connect on mine but that's using bluetooth interface ELM ver 1.2 so I wasn't expecting miracles

With "SETTINGS" ie setting up device port numbers it doesn't say whether it requires COM in or out port numbers. I've tried both but it just freezes
I'm installing FESMobile on the Axim now so I'll let you know what happens.

Still think some sort of drivers will be required to enable the Axim and FESMobile to connect to the Bluetooth ELM327 interface. I've used FES on 4 different laptops and they all required drivers to enable Windows to asign a port to the interface, makes sense that Windows Mobile 6 will too?
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Well OBD gauge connects without problems and bluetoooth to bluetooth connections should go straightaway once they're configured correctly but I think I'm pushing my luck trying to connect FES to an older bluetooth interface. It does say on the program ELM ver 1.3+ so that's me stuffed for a while

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FES looks nice on my device screen though and remembers your preferences which is good as there's a long list of vehicles it's compatible with
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As you say, Bluetooth isn't a problem. The problem is getting Windows Mobile 6 to asign a port to the interface. No drivers, no port. No port, no connection.

According to FESMobile settings its requires:

ELM 327 3+
OBDKey 1.40

And a serial port.


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I get the same 1st message screen so your guess is as good as mine. I've tried different port settings as the FES prog doesn't make clear whether it wants Incoming port No or Outgoing port. I would have thought it needed both

But without ver 1.3+ I'm not expecting much to happen
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I'm only able to select ports 1, 2, 3 and 5, is that the same for you?

I have no idea what is connected to those ports as I've done a hard reset of the Axim so it should be as it came from the factory apart from FESMobile ... :confused:


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