Technical Big Problem . . Shuddery Punto?? Help!

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Technical Big Problem . . Shuddery Punto?? Help!


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Feb 19, 2006
Hi, I bought a gorgeous W reg punto on friday.

She has full fiat service history and is absolutely immaculate. The only problem is she is a bit shuddery. I have had new spark plugs put in yesterday, but she seems to want to konk out on me and there is a slight popping noise every now and then.

Can anyone help? :confused:

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Sounds like it could be exhaust related to me... could be the cat[elytic converter].
If its an 8v, headgasket. My old 8v done exactly the same about a week before i got a chance to fix it.
I thought Steph was a girl :) Could it also be something to do with the clutch? Isn't there some problems with the 8vs and the clutch?
How do you mean shuddery? Is it shuddery when you take off in first gear? If so then its your clutch!Mine went two weeks ago.
Thanks for replying lot's, thats really nice of you.
I took the car for it's 6th service (Its had one every year, last one being march 05) and the mechanic thinks its the ECU?
Whats a ECU? I mean, I am a girl (just in case there is any confusion! :) )
I don't understand these things!??

The car sounds like it's misfiring and is still shuddery, the mechanic asked me to call up Fiat & ask if the car has been re-called, could of gone out in a wrong batch as the car is immaculate, with only 21,000 miles. The former owner only drove her to work (4.3 miles away from her house).

Really appreciate all of this help :p