Doblo BCU connector help needed (steering controls retrofit)

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Doblo BCU connector help needed (steering controls retrofit)


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Mar 27, 2020
I want to add wiring from the BCU to my aftermarket radio in an attempt to get steering wheel controls functional. (Please read below before suggesting the looms that can be purchased for this purpose)

What type of pin connectors do fiat use for the plug that connects to the BCU?

The wiring size needed is 22awg or 0.35mm2. I've seen molex and dupont names pop up when searching the web, but no idea how to ensure it's the right size/shape etc. I don't know how many possible varieties there are even.

The vehicle is a Doblo van 263 (2014)

(If you're interested, the van didn't originally have steering wheel controls or multimedia / b&me. After successfully retrofitting cruise control, which involved replacing the clock spring/squib and stalk assembly, I wondered if I could add a steering wheel with the controls and somehow get that working. I understand that it usually operates through the canbus system (originally through the multimedia module), but the aftermarket radio has the ability to "map" buttons from detecting key presses through canbus. My plan is to confirm that the wiring is in place from the rear of clock spring to the BCU for the canbus low wiring. Then add the wires from the BCU to the radio gadget which deciphers canbus signals. I have the wiring diagram specs for the van so can identify the correct pin port numbers on the BCU for the canbus wiring that would have originally gone to the multimedia module, these wires are the ones I am hoping when run to the canbus signal decoder will translate swc button presses into something readable to the aftermarket radio. If you made sense of that, but have any questions feel free to ask. I've spent hours of scouring the web and forums to get this far, so anything I can pass on I will


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Jul 2, 2022
Congratulations on the skills you have, I am retired after 50 years in the motortrade and am having trouble finding information to check the wiring, pinouts etc of the ECU on my 2010 263 Doblo Maxi 1.6 multijet with P010F MAF A/B correlation and U0001 Can Line High codes , going into Limp Mode when warmed up and accelerating . AutoData seems weak on wiring details for this model, not even the correct results I should see at the MAF sensor or even if it is possible to test this MAF with a voltmeter as the older 1.9JTD.
If you can point me to where I can find more information I would appreciate. Mike