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Nov 30, 2005
you know how much excess insurance companies charge if i was to get alloys added on my car?
wolfracepunto said:
Some don't even bump up the premium, but others do. Some may not even insure you with them fitted (due to age or whatever). Best just to ring the company and find out.


There are so many variables involved in calculating a premium it's impossible for anyone but your insurance co. to know :) A company may also allow one person to have alloys on the policy at no extra charge, but will charge the next guy £X to have alloys.
well i guess i have the least chance of getting alloys.. got my licence 2 months ago.. aged 17.. LOL
they sooo wont let me have them. :mad:
well you might get it if you are on your parents as that basically makes it their car (if they are the reg keepers) and you are just 'a driver'

I am on my own fully comp pol now with churchill (wanted to go with frizzel as they were offering the equiv of 1years NCB for free at the time, phoned the last few places and went back to frizzel with the quote number and was told that the offer expired the previous day! It only rang about 20minutes earlier, was v vvvvv annoyed!!), and my GT alloys aren't costing me anything, I didn't say GT alloys though, I just said OEM fit 14" fiat alloys, and also stated that if my car was a few months newer it would have had 14" steels anyway! The girl pressed something and the thing went from £17.22 (processing fee?) to £0!! Result!
so in their system.. its noted you down as having alloys.. does it say fiat original alloys?

so wait.. you have gt alloys.. so if was to need your insurance.. they have a way to reject any claims.. dodgy!
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What a swizz alloys are as far as insurance is concerned. Charing one person more than another. Most new cars come with alloys as standard and how does it matter how old/how many NCD a person has? I bet a thief doesn't check your age+NCD before swiping your car/alloys.