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General Alarma ? Sorry Again


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Nov 12, 2007
Have just got a v reg Brava, have one blue key, know that timpsons can do me another one. I have central locking but no remote fob.
I have noticed on the car that there is a sensor middle base of windscreen, also 2 sensors in the car at the top of the door struts.
Are these standard when built or does this mean i have the gubbins for the romote locking system but just no remote key ?

Any help would be appreciated

Seems to be an aftermarket alarm fitted by a previous owner. The Bravo/a have the alarm ultrasonics fitted to the interior courtest light at the front as standard on the ELX, HLX and HGT models if i remember correctly. They are not above the a pillars which is what i think you meant when you said front door struts.

Remote central locking can be fitted, its a yellow relay which fits behind the glovebox. They can be purchased from Fiat or online. They cost around £50 online. They however dont fit all cars. Im also not sure if they are for MK1s or MK2s. If you decide to cross this route im sure i can dig the details up.
Thanks for that, think i will be looking at getting the remote sorted. Apart from being a bit of a dunce, how can i tell if its a mk 1 or mk 11 ?
Does tha mr 11 have the cd changer connections in the boot ? if so, any idea where /

and thans for your help

no the mark2 did not come with the cd cable pre installed unless you had the cd changer but if you are looking for the cable itself just go to a scrappy and get one from a bravo/brava or marea they should all be the same, in the bravo's and brava's they are usually left hanging just under the left rear speaker in the boot, it will be wrapped in a sponge.