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General ..after 2 weeks...


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Sep 28, 2007
just to add to my previous message, I'm still absolutely over the moon with my car.

Me and the missus have been off this week, over 5 days our new JTD stilo has gone to York and back (230 miles), to Snowdon and back (280 miles and a very early start) and then to France and back (700 miles with a very heavy load on the way back).

So far the car has not put a foot wrong. highlight of ownership so far was cruising on a country road in France with the sky roof open in the glorious sunshine (very warm there yesterday).

all in all, absolutely delighted.
Love to here good news about the Stilo. I still have my skyroof open here in england. Get wrapped up in a hoody, turn the heating on and it makes for a great drive home from work. (y)