Technical 2008 Grande Punto Immobolised

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Technical 2008 Grande Punto Immobolised


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Feb 3, 2023
A couple of years ago I had the issue of my 2008 Grande Punto being immobilised with the original key - this wasn't too much of an issue as I found on a thread to use a spare key and that worked fine ever since.

Since getting a new car my Punto has been sat on my drive for a few months with a dead battery. When recently replacing the battery and using the spare key the car starts to tick over and then cuts out at soon as the immobiliser light flashes on - the radio and all other electricals work and it tries to start but almost just stops after a couple of seconds.

There was bad weather and I had alot of damp inside the car, could this have anything to do with it? I've checked the fuse box for leaks and all seems fine and also checked battery earth and all seems fine. Is there any common errors that I can check to fix, it seems weird that it was all running fine before it was sat there.
I had somehwat of a similar problem. For me it was a corroded ground wire at the starter of the enginem maybe check this.
My friend who is a mechanic fixed it. I found this article about the problem.

Here they are mentioning replacing the starter motor. I think this is not necessary. Only cleaning and lubricating the connection point could solve it.

In this video around 10:30 the person is adressing the ground cable. Could be this one. Could also be an other one.

Hope this helps you.