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Re: LED Tail Lights

Quote Originally Posted by ENPEDWARDS View Post
Hi guys,

I am having the same issues on my 2012 punto. The LED light works but is dim. The right side is working fine and is bright. I brought my Punto at bristol street motors, is it worth trying to go through them? or straight to Fiat?
Hi. Just came across this thread via Google! This is exactly what my boy's 2012 Punto is doing! I tried posting in the Grande Punto section (because it looks like more people look there than here). So far only a limited response. This thread answers just about all my questions - thanks everyone.

I removed the light unit but the black plug on the back of it is very very tight. So I left it alone and removed the bulb holder unit which allowed me to check the bulbs, without unplugging from the loom. (That was when I discovered the side lights were LEDs!). Put it all back together but it's still dim! Haven't tried slapping it or the hair dryer treatment yet.

I think probably a new unit from Shop4parts is going to be the way to go, especially as I read here that new units are improved/modified to get over this problem, but I've still got the problem of removing the plug on the back of the unit. It does seem very tight. I can't see any sort of interlock, like you get on a sensor plug for instance? Is it just a case of getting "physical" with it? I'm worried it's going to break/snap.
Thanks for any help
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