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Question 1st Gear Judder???

Right, this is for a 52 plate mk2 active sport 1.2 8v. I've seen a few threads and posts mentioning this problem but still not felt like i've found my answer.

Basically, I had an engine oil leak for a while, the other week I had a really big problem with clutch slip and a light grinding noise when rolling up to lights and put into first gear with the clutch fully depressed. I spoke to a few people that knew a bit more about cars than me and decided that a new clutch was needed.

Whilst I got the clutch done I got the gear box checked out by a specialist as it felt like i had lost a bit drive and was worried i'd damage gearbox. When the gearbox was looked at it turned out the input bearing for the driveshaft was damaged and need replacing which also solved the oil leak as with the damage there was a loss of seal (i'm not a mechanic so might not be fully accurate).

Everything felt fine but in the last couple of days i have noticed a judder when the car is held at biting point and when setting of (in 1st). I read about people suggesting new flywheels, bad pressure plates and even spark plugs, which I have just changed to an iridium set, but i'm still unsure which route to explore.
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Re: 1st Gear Judder???

The bearing failure is quite common and should always be checked when a clutch is changed.
I personally believe the cause is oil sitting over at the other end of the gearbox when the engine is started. In UK and Eire, the LHS of the car sits lower due to road camber. Everywhere else in EU the engine end of the gearbox will be lower with more oil around that bearing.

Another cause of judder is the engine mount under the engine. get it checked out for wear & slack. If that is OK the new seal may be leaking. The only way to know for sure is to look inside.

This would be fun and handy for looking inside the clutch casing:

Search "endoscope" on ebay
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