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Re: My New (to me) Evo called Eva

Oh dear..

Is that a cornering lamp?
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Re: My New (to me) Evo called Eva

Quote Originally Posted by varesecrazy View Post
Oh dear..

Is that a cornering lamp?
Yes it was.

Finally fixed it about 2 weeks ago, there is a separate relay for each cornering lamp not in the main fuse box. This relay has a long “skirt” on it to stop water getting in the connections on the bottom, except it had fallen off its bracket so was hanging and so the skirt turned into a bucket, and the internals of the relay turned into brown rusty water.
The problem is fiat want £40 for this fairly generic relay which is such as standard part usually used as a high speed fan relay on many other makes of car. I tracked one down on eBay for £13, but to make do I used an £8 lucas relay from my local automotive electronics specialist which did the same job perfectly.

Also at about the same time I fitted some heated seats, the video of which I have now posted up.

Next problem is now the MOT, one of the rear brake pads had rusted to its guide and was wearing on one end as it was being pivoted on and angle, then not retracting, shame because they looked like fairly new pads, but fitted new pads, discs and calliper hardware (stainless steel guides and greased) to stop the same thing happening again. Unfortunately I was then on holiday so unable to get it back in for its retest, therefore I now need to book it in somewhere, and then get it taxed again.
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