Punto Evo My New (to me) Evo called Eva


On Sunday I jumped on an early train down to London and picked up my bargain Evo One owner from new full service history and a book full of paperwork as thick as a tree, including the original sales invoice, the suparguard invoice and the PDI report.

£1500 (+£30 for tax) and I joined the stationary masses on the M25 for a couple of hours to get home again.

I must say I have been impressed so far, given the price my expectations where low. Unsurprisingly the Stop-start didn't work when I picked it up, Fiat stop-start being so picky you only have to look at it funny and it won't work. So a car that had been sat on a traders forecourt for a couple of weeks and seemingly has the original battery, my expectations were not in anyway harmed by finding it didn't work.

However on my way into work this morning, The Stop-Start suddenly started working, got a whole 30 seconds before it started the engine again, that said the time was increasing at each set of lights.

On the downside though is the aircon is a little weak, its comfortable in the weather but it's not icy cold like I'm used to, so that's going to need a recharge.

N.B was going out to take some nice photos of it last night but then had to stop and help at an accident hence the ambulance and police car, (look closely you can make out my golf behind all that, As I called out my (doctor) wife to come help as well.

Blue and Me2 has also impressed me, worked with my considerably newer iPhone, plays all the songs without silly adaptors and connected effortlessly with the Bluetooth hands-free.

There are a few scratches here and there but no significant bodywork damage, a few kerb marks on the wheels. The interior is actually in very good condition, with only (almost essential on any grande/evo/2012 punto) a missing parcel shelf clip (£2 at the dealer 50 yards walk up the road)

Had to put a couple of side light bulbs in as they had both blown as had the glove box bulb.

Got some roof bars from a chap 5 miles from my house, used once then his daughter crashed the car so consigned to the shed (£40 with the original invoice from the same dealer down the road from me) genuine fiat 3 door Evo bars.

The main reason for buying it was that My Golf is not even 3 years old yet and i've already done 50,000 miles. Also I can put a bike on the roof and not care to much if I scratch it. I can load up the boot with rubish, garden waste and take them down the dump or muddy dogs. The Golf can then be pampered a bit and taken out for some top down motoring at the weekend or to go away abroard which we will be doing soon in it.

I'm i'm being honest the punto is going to be used and abused but I do like the way it drives and It is top spec for next to nothing money. (y)

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