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So last Friday I had to have surgery on my right knee the result of this was strong pain killers, and eBay, apparently its not a good combination.

So First of all I bought a drum machine, I did this from my phone while still recovering in hospital immediately after the surgery.

all in all an awesome purchase although the Missus wasn't happy

Then a couple of days ago after a very heavy dose of strong pain killers I bought this.

Grande Punto 1.4 8v active sport (i'm not entirely sure why)

looks very much are deceiving and this thing is an utter mess, its so badly scratched its untrue every panel especially the roof and there are quite a few dings in the doors that need attention

the interior is filthy and need to come and and have a full and proper clean.

everything works, which is amazing in its self, its covered just over 101k miles and the one owner its had from new has spent on the mechanicals and not bothered with anything cosmetic, the foglight is smashed after a run in with a rock and the lower grill is missing after a run in with a thieving scrote

a couple of plastic clips are broken on the interior but other than that its all there, original unmolested.

total bill was £1040 which is very cheap for this car even with all the body damage.

will get some more pictures tomorrow and give it a good look over but it got me home nicely over 170 miles with no issue.

the main aim is (if you don't know me) I make videos for YouTube on how to look after your Fiat Punto and i plan to use this very rough little car to make lots of Gande punto videos and eventually sell on so in the comming weeks it will be getting

full service
throttle body clean
maybe a cambelt
maybe a clutch

and lots of body work attention. i'm sure i'll find other things but essentially everything i do will go up on youtube for others to follow (y)

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