Hopefully this guide is helpful to someone!

Today my horn suddenly stopped working. This problem is commonly caused by corroded connectors. The horn is located between the exhaust manifold and the bumper. At the right side of the radiator.

Jack up the Seicento and put it on axle stands (not necessary, but comfortable):
00125.jpg 00225.jpg

Locate the horn:

Check for corroded connectors and wires. Check for 12 V at the connectors when pushing the button. Check the horn by directly connecting it to the battery. In my case the horn itself was broken. I bought a new one at the local shop for 12 euro.

New and old horn side by side:
00420.jpg 00517.jpg

Simply bolt on the new horn and connect the wires:
00713.jpg 00613.jpg

The new one makes a lot more noise (y)
By the way, note the shiny radiator, it has just been replaced :)

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