My front wiper spray stopped working suddenly. The pump did not make any noise. The rear wiper spray still worked properly. I got some great advice at this forum on how to fix this. Maybe this is helpful to someone else!

If you hear the pump working:
- Check the fluid level.
- Check all tubes for leakages.
- Make sure the nozzle is not clogged or damaged.

In my case the pump did not work, possible causes:
- Electrical failure (wires or switch)
- Pump failure.

The spray bottle and pumps are located under the right wing. You access this by removing the right wheel and removing the inner arch liner. Its a quick and simple job.

Jack up the Seicento and remove the right wheel:

The spray tank and pumps are located behind this grill:

Remove the following 4 highlighted bolds:

Remove the inner arch liner carefully:

The left pump is for the front, the right one for the rear:

Now you can do some simple troubleshooting:
- Check both connectors for 12V
- Remove any corrosion from the connectors

In my case this solved the problem (y)

How to check for pump failure:
For example, the front sprayer fails and the rear works. Connect the power cable from the rear pump to the front pump (you know for sure that one is working). Push the button to spray the rear. If the front pump works, the wire or switch from the front sprayer is broken. If nothing happens, the pump itself is broken.

If the front pump fails, there is a simple solution. Swap the electrics an tubes from both pumps. This way the front sprayer works again without any costs. Of course the rear does not work then anymore.

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