10mm spanner or 10mm socket & ratchet
5mm Allen key
No 2 posi-drive screwdriver


You might want to disconnect the battery for this one, which is covered here.

With the boot closed flick the the wiper motor spindle cover on the wiper arm forward then unbolt the wiper arm
once that's done pull the wiper arm forward with your hand around the remaining end of wiper arm towards you.

Next open up the boot and remove the boot trim, it's 5 screws along the bottom edge.
Note: the screws will quite literally fall on the ground when you take them out as there's nothing to hold them to the trim so be careful.

Once they're removed the trim will move freely, however it is attached to the car by a white connector powering the high level brake light. On the underside of this clip there's a little button, use the side of your nail to release it.

One that is done put the trim on the ground and move onto the motor. First thing you need to do is disconnect the motor, that's a white connector on the right hand side of the motor assembly, it's held in place with a clip, just pinch the back of the connector and pull back and it'll slip out easily enough.

Then undo the 3 allen bolts, I'd do them about 3 turns on each in a circular order, else the bolts have a tendency to come all of the way out like this
once that is done the motor will simply pull straight out. Replace motor and reverse instructions to put it back together again. The only thing I'd say is that it may be slightly awkward to get the wiper arm back on again as the spring tends to push it at an angle that interferes with you getting the nut on.