scribbles I made:
Sorry for the lack of photos but I didn't have any charged batteries for the cam.

The cinq handbrake mechanism seems to be a bit different to the Sei for this job, so the haynes manual picture is miss-leading.

kit I used:
axle stands
wheel chocks
floor level flood light
two 13mm open ended spanners
heavy grease

suff I did:
Get the car on a decent flat surface, release the hand brake then apply to 3 clicks.

Chock the left hand wheels (I chocked both) then jack the right hand side of the car front and rear and support the car with axle stands.

Bend back the heat shield towards the back of the car, and locate the handbrake adjustment bracket.
At this point I realised I couldn't really see anything properly so got a 200w ground level floodlight.

When working with the adjustment nuts you'll have a problem in that you've got so little clearance that you can't turn the nut enough so you'll need to reverse the spanner every time, I tried ratcheting spanner but that wouldn't click through once the nuts are free.

Using the spanner slacken the lock nut (move the spanner from the heatsheild to the brake & fuel lines) then tighten the adjustment nut (spanner goes from the brake & fuel lines to the heat shield) until the cable is reasonably taught then try to turn the rear wheel. If you can still turn the wheel then tighten the adjustment nut another 1/2 turn and test again, if that doesn't work then you'll most likely need to service the rear brakes.

Once you think the handbrake is on properly then release the handbrake and check that the brakes aren't binding, slacken the adjuster nut till it doesn't and check to see if the handbrake still works on 3 or 4 clicks as required.

Once the handbrake is properly adjusted tighten the lock nut up and apply a layer of thick grease to stop corrosion to the nuts. Lower the car to the ground, start the car and see if you can pull away easily with 3 clicks of handbrake applied, the car should just strain against the brakes, if you can pull away you may need to re-adjust the handbrake or service the rear brakes.
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