tools you will need;

Trolley jack (2)

Axle stands x 2

Set of Metric Allen Keys

Set of Torx bits / keys

good selection of Metric Sockets / Spanners
including the "odd" 11 / 15 / 16,:(

a set / pair of "spring compressors" ( 2)

a Hacksaw / angle grinder ;)

also a pair of replacement Dampers , and a pair of new Droplinks.

If you want to , you could also order NEW ;
rubber boot / sleeves for the Dampers,
and top swivel Joint / Bearings.

OK - on with the Job :)

Raise up the front of the car,
with the front wheel nuts/BOLTS slackened ,
the vehicle securely planted on Axlestands / ramps, etc.

Remove both front road wheels,
apply Plusgas / release agent to the threads of the droplink bolts AND the suspension Pinch bolts on the top of the Hub = Pictured

FF Guide pics - panda 003.jpg

Remove the Nut from the stud / pinch bolt of the Drop link - there will be a socket in the end of the "stud" to make it like an "Allen-bolt / Grubscrew",
these can be either HEX - or Torx,
try and select the best fit.. as there will be a LOT of Torque through this as you undo the nut,

FF Guide pics - panda 004.jpg

IF ( when) the socket "rounds out" you will have no alternative but to cut through the Stud of the droplink - I used an angle grinder..BUT a hacksaw will suffice..,

remove both the upper and lower nuts from the Droplink and remove it from the suspension strut.

FF Guide pics - panda 007.jpg
1st part over (y)

Strut Removal.

FF Guide pics - panda 009.jpg
place a Jack / pile of wood , under the Hub / Brake disc.

FF Guide pics - panda 008.jpg
Slacken off the 2 Nut + Bolt sets that tie the Hub to the Damper ( Tight)

leave bolts in situ.

Under bonnet, undo the Nut around the Top of the damper head
( this was Tight + Awkward - needing a "deep" spanner)

wind off the Nut - holding the stud still with the Key = BEWARE = the weight of the whole unit sits on this..!!
FF Guide pics - panda 003.jpg

FF Guide pics - panda 004.jpg

FF Guide pics - panda 007.jpg

FF Guide pics - panda 008.jpg

Slowly / carefully remove this , and lower the damper assembly

TAKE note of the TOP mount plates orientation ( offset..!!)

FF Guide pics - panda 009.jpg

then withdraw the 2 x bolts on the hub and you can then withdraw the complete assembly.
FF Guide pics - panda 025.jpg
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