Please read the following warnings before you proceed:

Since January 2012, if a car is fitted with airbags as standard equipment, it will fail an MOT test if that airbag is removed or disabled. Do not fit a Momo style steering wheel without an airbag on a car that is used on a public highway. It will fail an MOT. See capture below...


An airbag is an explosive device, therefore dabbling with an airbag steering wheel should not be done likely. You may wish to wear a helmet or safety goggles when handling an airbag.

Airbags should be stored upright to avoid their untimely deployment.

You will need to disconnect the car battery and allow the airbag system capacitors time to discharge before disconnection.

If you are not confident in car maintenance and upgrading, you should seek professional help when doing this. Changing your steering wheel may invalidate your warranty.

Items needed:

- Steering wheel and airbag
- A decent set of sockets with extension bars.
- Flat head screw drivers (including short & thin ones).
- Philips head screwdriver.
- Masking tape (possibly)

- Time and space
- Coffee

How its done:

This guide is based on a video produced by Black SRL. This video is very helpful, however it makes it look easier than it really is (as you might expect). This guide uses screen shots from the video, plus information from other Fiat Forum members.

Step 1

Park your car up. Do not disconnect the battery yet.
Make sure you steering wheel is straight.

Remove the lower steering column shroud. There are 2 philips head screws holding it in place.


Step 2
There are three metal tabs that hold the airbag in position, at the bottom spoke, left spoke and right spoke. See RUI's pic below...


Take your small flat head screw driver into the hole behind the bottom spoke and pry that metal clip. You will hear and see the bottom part of the airbag move out.

There is a real knack to doing this, it took me 45 mins to figure it out. It is not about force!!


Once you have done this start the car and turn the steering wheel so that the left spoke is at the bottom. Turn the engine off (just in case anything goes wrong) and repeat pry the next tab.


Then repeat the process for the right tab. Turn the engine back on and straighten up the wheel. The airbag should not be sitting loose, but not falling off!

Step 3

Turn of the engine, go into the engine bay and disconnect the battery negative. Ensure that it is not going to come into contact with the terminal.

Turn the key and switch on the headlights. This will ensure any residual current in the electrical system is gone.

Go and pour yourself a coffee. Leave the car in its current state for at least 2 mins (as reccomended by most Haynes guides). This will ensure that the airbag capacitors are fully discharged, reducing the chances of any possible deployment.

Step 4

Carefully bring the airbag forward, keeping your face out of the way. Carefully disconnect the connectors on the rear of the airbag unit. See the original video on how to do this; the yellow and orange/purple connectors don't disconnect how you may think.


Disconntect the large black loom for the B&M controls. Ignore the removal of the B&M control buttons, unless you are fitting a Black SRL custom wheel.

Step 5

Remove the rubber cover in the middle of the wheel. Use you socket and extension to remove the middle nut. If your steerng wheel has been on the car for nearly 4 years, it may take a lot of force to remove!


Observe and take note of the small green/blue dot in the middle of the steering wheel thread, which indicates where the centre of the wheel should be.

Step 6

Remove the steering wheel. This may require an up/down movement. The wiring connectors for the horn/airbag/B&M will emerge through a gap in the middle of the wheel. They then sit attached to the ?clockspring?

When the wheel is removed be very careful not to expose the clockspring. Hold it in place and make sure the ribbon doesn't spew out of it! A few users have advised that another person holds it in place or use masking tape to hold it in place.

See below picture of steering wheel removed with clockspring unit in white?


Step 7

If you're installing a Momo style wheel for track use, refer to instructions supplied with wheel abnd boss kit. Install boss kit horn connector, airbag resistor and then bolt on steering wheel. Store you original wheel and airbag away safely, ensuring airbag is kept upright and unobstucted!

Otherwise.. Offer up your new steering wheel, but keep that clockspring in place! Feed the wiring connectors back through the gap. Use the green/blue dot to ensure steering wheel is installed straight.


Step 8

Re-attach nut in the middle and tighten up with your socket & extension. Replace rubber cover. Reconnect the B&M controls, ensure the wiring is clear of the airbag tabs (i.e. mayke sure wiring is towards top part of space).

Step 9

Offer up airbag (carefully) reconnect required connectors, in the right places!

Check everything is conected and looks good behind airbag. Carefully click airbag back into place. Check the operation of the horn from both sides.

Step 10

Reconenct battery negative terminal and close bonnet. Turn keys to first setting. Check all warning lights disappear. Turn on engine. Teast operation of steering, indicators, horn and B&M.

If all is good, reattach bottom cowl cover. Be patient as it isnt easy to put this cowl back!

Step 11

Go for a good drive, note how much better you Abarth wheel is (if applicable).

Thanks to:

RUI for tabs diagram and advice.
Jnoiles for advice.
Black SRL for video.