Where & how to buy:
Most main Fiat dealers should be able to source a set of mirror covers. There are also many to be found via eBay and at scrapyards etc. They generally come in four different ways:

  • Plain black plastic
  • Primered ready for colour coat
  • Fully colour coded
  • Chrome/Satin/Graphic*

Prices for a colour coded set vary from about £50-100 new. Please note that Grande Punto covers are identical to those on a 500 (includes Evo and new Punto, 2006 onwards).

* These often come backed with adhesive ready to stick over existing covers. Ignore this article if this is the case.

Tools for the job:
  • Flat-head screwdrivers (at least 2)
  • Trim removal tools (reccommended)

Step 1: Remove the mirror glass

If dirty you may wish to clean the mirror glass before removal as it is very easy to scratch mirror glass if handling when gritty.

Use the electric/manual mirror adjuster in the car to dip the mirror glass down (so the top of the mirror glass is poiting downwards).

Use your trip removal tool (preferably) or flat head to gently pry off the mirror glass. The mirror glass is held in place with tabs (not adhesive).

Electric/heated mirror owners beware!
There are wires connected up to the mirror glass. Do not try to snatch the mirror glass to far as the wiring is very delicate. You should be able to rest the mirror glass just under the mirror on the window ledge, or better still ask a friend/girlfriend/wife to hold it for you!

(step 1 image)

Step 2: Remove old mirror cover

You should be able to see 4 plastic tabs holding the cover in palce (2 along the top, one on each side).

Use you flat-head screw drivers to gently loosen the tabs. Once they are all loose enough you should be able to lift the cap off with ease.

You do not need to pry the mirror covers off from the front. Doing this could scratch or damage your old mirror covers! These things are pretty expensive for what they are and you may wish to sell/put back some day!

(step 2 image)

Step 3/4/5: Put it all back together

Carefully offer the new mirror cap to the assembly, then gently push it in. Should be able to hear the plastic clips click in place. Just remember: gentle force!

Then gently offer the mirror glass to its holder and push it back in so it clips back in place.

(step 3/4/5 image)

Repeat all steps again for the opposite mirror cap.

Don't forget to clean any fingerprints off the mirror glass and readjust them back to suitable driving position. I would reccommend putting some wax on the mirror covers if brand new!

Stand back and admire.