I try to guide you what to do if your boot light behave randomly

Here is a few thing what we can handle as a fact in this case.

  • If it works once and don't while open in next time than your bulb is ok. It need to be checked but it is almost sure.

  • It is really easy to check the wiring. If you make a short circuit (with a piece of wire) between the two pin in the socket of the plug in the picture that you bulb should light up immediately. if its so than your wiring from the connector to the bulb is ok. The problem is comming from the door lock, more specifically from the microswitch inside.There is two type of connector. One is with 2 wire (2 wire in the socket and 2 in the plug) and the other with 4(4 wire in the socket and 3 in the plug). 2 wire version is only for the boot light, 4 wire version is for the boot light and for the "door open" icon in the instrumental panel.

You can try contact cleaner first but in my case it won't helped.
So I made the following steps:

First:Remove and fix your door lock into a vise. Use a multimeter to check your microswitch. If you connect the multimeter switch into distruption test and actuate the switch by hand. It should beep when the lock is open.First.jpg;Second.jpg
In my case there was a point when the lock reached the "open" position but the microswitch was distrupted sometimes. So the switching point was not stabile.

Second: With a screwdriver closed the lock completly.

Third: Press the lock forward down until a plastic "ear" is not visible in the right side. If it is visible try to "deformate" this ear with an other screwdriver to round shape.
Basicly this ear is a plastic spring what is pressing the microswitch. By time it's loose it's shape so the switching point getting unstabile.

Fourth: Check the microswitch again with multimeter and if it works reassemble to the car. It must work well. :)

I hope you can use this guide.

Br. Hurrican.