One of my friend in Hungary is worked for Harman Kardon so he was able to purchase really good quality speakers for reasonable price. Because of this I buyed one pair Infinity Kappa speakers into my Stilo MW. I'm waited with patinet to make the assembly ( I have two children :) ) but when the time has come and I removed every door cover I was supprised. Of course Ididn't know that what everybody know, I need new frames for the spakers. I putted back the covers and started to find out the price of the new frames. In Hungary it was "expensive". At least more expensive like one pair original spaker from salvage yard. So I buyed one pair original speaker for 3 GBP and I used those for my project.

Below you can read how I made it. I will skip the steps of the disassebly of the door covers because it can be found in other guides.
This guide can be used if you want to insert a 16,5" speaker.
If the speaker is smaller or bigger additional works needed. I don't want to speak about this too long so I made only one page. If you have any question just post me.

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  3. 3.JPG,5.JPG
  4. 6.JPG
Between step 4 and 5 you have to fix the speaker with screws. The position of this screw are depend from the type of you speaker. I think everybody is able to do this alone. Sorry but I forget to make pictures from this step. :confused:


For me the speakers are working really fine. The bass is more realistic. There is no vibration and nothing.

I hope it's useful for everybody.

Greatings from Hungary. (y)

By. Hurrican.