Removing the FIAT Stilo Grille

Tools you will need:
  • T30 Torx Driver
  • Small pry bar or flat ended screw driver
How to do it:

First, undo the torx bolts that hold the top of the bumper on.

Next, gently pull the bumper forward and look behind it - you should see the lugs that hold the grille in place. With the prybar (or screwdriver) very gently and carefully lever the lugs out.

The bottom lugs are a little more difficult so be patient! Place the screwdriver underneath them and gently lever them towards you - you'll hear them pop once they're free.

You should then be left with the sight of this .... :)


To fit the new grille, just use the same process in reverse order (top first so that the gille lays flat). The bottom ones again are more difficult - place the screwdriver above the lugs & ease them in, as before, you will hear them pop once they're in.


Now go and make yourself a celebratory cup of tea (y)