Cinquecento Front Speaker Replacement

Easy one this, the original Fiat speakers can be worn, and sound poor, I already had some 10cm Pioneer units and these are a direct replacement.

Guide to speaker wiring:

Left Hand Front Speaker: Red/Black +, White/Black -

Right Hand Front Speaker: Pink/Black +, Black/Violet -

1 - Undo the speaker grille, your job is going to start and end with the same look

2 - Grille removed you can now undo the lower screws to remove the speaker

3 - Pull off the wiring plug, you may need to cut off the terminals as the ones on the new speakers will be different, I have stripped the wires here ready for the new connector.

4 - I had soldered the fly lead to the speaker for a more secure connection, then put a connector block at the other end to give it some room to connect the wiring, use the wiring guide above to connect up

5 - Push speaker back into its home, screw in the lower screws, note that the drivers side is very fiddly.

6 - Reattach the grille, again the drivers side can be fiddly due to the dash panel being in the way

You will now have better sound quality, well as good as it will get using small 10cm speakers, and a 'stock' look too.

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