Welcome to the TT Air Vent mod guide. I just got done fitting these in my Punto Mk2 and I documented with pictures the process so I could type this guide up for you guys.

What you will need:

Audi TT Mk 1 Air Vents
Duct Tape
Flat head Screwdriver
Metal file

Step 1. Using the flat head screwdriver, lever out the Stock Air vents. With minimal pressure they pop right out of the dashboard. Nice and easy.



Step 2.. Using a saw cut right below the main lip on the stock Air Vents. Saw it right through and discard the top part of the stock air vents. We need the rest of the stock casing. The TT vents aren't quite long enough to meet up with the air pipe in the dashboard.



Step 3. Inside the stock air vent casing is some plastic ridges. These obstruct the TT Air vents so they need to be removed so the inside of this casing is flush and smooth. The TT Vent will be slotting inside this case. Out comes the Metal file to smooth this plastic away.





Step 4. The TT Vents should now slot into the casing up until the cogs on the TT vents. These open/shut the TT vents by twisting the outer Metal looking ring. Nice :slayer: So you need to make sure these cogs aren't obstructed, make a mark on the stock casing the cogs width and using the saw cut down far enough. Then cut again through the middle of the 2 cuts creating 2 separate tabs of plastic. Using the Pliers snap these off leaving 1 large opening that free the cogs up to turn.




Step 5. To hold the outer stock casings over the inner TT vents we use that magical stuff Duct Tape. The stuff is incredible. On it goes making sure you DONT cover over the Cogs/mechanisms!. Basically use enough layers around the top part to make it a really snug fit in the dashboard (not too snug that you cant get them out again or move them etc though). You will have to keep offering them up into the dashboard hole to make sure you have the right amount of layers.





Step 6. Push the vents in snugly, making sure that the dot on the outer ring of the vent is straight at the top of the ring with the vent OPEN. That way you twist it to the right to close the vent etc. Sit back and admire a really easy mod that makes a huge difference.




P.s I have 2 spare TT Vents for sale. PM me for details etc.