Welcome to the Lift up reverse/Gear knob removal and replacement guide. I just finished this mod on my punto. Here we go

What you will need:

Long flat head screwdriver
Small flat head screwdriver
Duct Tape

Step 1. If your knob, Like mine ;) , wont budge by pulling. Then take your long flat head screwdriver and lever it off. Watch your face etc if it flies off. Mine did and ended up in the passenger footwell in the back haha.




Step 2. With the knob off, you will see a spring on the top of the shaft. This needs to come off. Using the smaller screwdriver, get under it and lift it off.



Step 3. Now with the spring removed, we are going to want to undo the clips on the gaiter surround at the bottom. These easily unclip. Once you have them undone. Lift the whole thing up reversing itself and the gaiter as well as the plastic Lift up reverse shaft will come off in one go.





Step 4. Now depending what gear knob you intend to use at this point, may alter your approach here. The one I got was a Fiat gear knob that included the Gaiter and As far as I know it came out of a HGT Mk2b. I did a quick test fit onto the shaft and the knob was a tad lose. Lets fix that by applying, yep you guessed it, Duct Tape. I applied a few wraps. I also used the Gaiter Surround from the original gear knob/gaiter I removed. Its not held on with anything. The leather merely sits/streches over the edge of the surround.




Step 5. Slide the new Gear knob/gaiter onto the shaft and pull it down. At this stage clip the gaiter surround with the gaiter stretched over the surround, back into the Plastic trim. Then push down hard on the Gear Knob until it wont slide down on the shaft anymore. Check that it wont wiggle around anymore etc. If not success. You dont have Lift up reverse any longer and that boring grey stock gear knob, has been replaced with a sportier upgrade. Enjoy



Display pic.jpg