Cinquecento The New Cinq!!


Well went to collect it at 9am! Need to get my Abarth Stuff sprayed up as these bumpers are properly pink! Car was faded but bought a buffer thing and spent about 5 hours T-Cutting and cleaning all over! Now brought up nice and red...
Bought the alternator... £70 :eek: Had to cut belt to stop the burning smell and drove it home, all good.. had HG in 2003, £2k spent last year on nearly everything possible!
Really nice people, took it off ebay even though it had 6 days to go and it was £103 already :p
No Rust at all, going to get a Sei Abarth interior if i can find one as the Drviers seat is starting to go floppy by headrest!
Fitted Stereo, Front Kenwood speakers, ran wires for subs etc to back
Their first meeting ;)

Hayleys Mint Yello'un and The Twins At The Dealership

The Two Red'uns

So funny, everyone that walked/drove past was staring and smiling! :D

Now the best part.... Only cost £100 :D:woot::D:woot::D

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