Cinquecento The New Cinq!!


Well went to collect it at 9am! Need to get my Abarth Stuff sprayed up as these bumpers are properly pink! Car was faded but bought a buffer thing and spent about 5 hours T-Cutting and cleaning all over! Now brought up nice and red...
Bought the alternator... £70 :eek: Had to cut belt to stop the burning smell and drove it home, all good.. had HG in 2003, £2k spent last year on nearly everything possible!
Really nice people, took it off ebay even though it had 6 days to go and it was £103 already :p
No Rust at all, going to get a Sei Abarth interior if i can find one as the Drviers seat is starting to go floppy by headrest!
Fitted Stereo, Front Kenwood speakers, ran wires for subs etc to back
Their first meeting ;)

Hayleys Mint Yello'un and The Twins At The Dealership

The Two Red'uns

So funny, everyone that walked/drove past was staring and smiling! :D

Now the best part.... Only cost £100 :D:woot::D:woot::D
Helz said:
Sounds like you have plenty of work already done and planned for it! And if my t-cut experience is anything to go by, your arms will be hurting in the morning!

Oh My fingers absolutely kill now lol

just done the alternator, runs nicely!

Cheers guys
everyone that sees it goes, "has it got a personal plate?" lol the previous owner called it NO FEET lol, drives really nice but sounds too quiet without the zorst (n)