Cinquecento Show Car Build


Hi all!

After really enjoying reading other people's threads, I thought I might just have a crack at it myself! the aim will be to build a show car from my completely stock cinq sporting :)

I bought the car for mere peanuts! Though it has many niggles that reflect the price I paid, eg. Broken seat, needs service, no service history etc etc.......

So here we go!

On the way back from Manchester the car decided it preferred to run at 130 Celsius :bang: upon further inspection the rad was seriously past it, and the expansion cap wasn't doing its job of keeping the coolant in the system :( but these are cheap fixes and I fixed it all in the same day ;)

And here it is within an hour of getting it back (y)


New radiator (from a sei) new expansion cap (from a sei) and all new hoses (from a sei). Thank you seicento :D

Anyway I'll probably post every few days, hope its a decent read ;)
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